Kitchen Design

We all want a beautiful kitchen in our homes. Kitchen is a place for your family to bond and to share memorable moments with each other. That’s being said, kitchen is more than just a place for family bonding, it’s also a workspace for lots of housewives to cook delicious meals for their beloved families. However, great kitchen design needs to have a good balance between aesthetic, convenience and functionality. Our interior designers can help you create a truly beautiful heart for your home.


What We Do

At Richmond Interior Design, we offer full kitchen design service. We have helped many of our customers to create their wonderful kitchens over the last few years. The service will be done by our connoisseur of interior design. Throughout the process, our experts will give you professional advice on how to delicately transform your kitchen like the way you envision it.

How It Works


We will have a brief consultation session with you to have a better understanding on your ideas and budget for your kitchen.

Site Inspection

Then we inspect the floorplan and we'll further discuss about minor details such as kitchen’s fixtures and appliances. Next, we ensure our design will fit the entire theme of your house so as to make your home’s interiors come together seamlessly.

Design Phase

Once we have all the information that we need. Our design team will 3D-sketch your kitchen on computer and showcase the concept to you.


We will help oversee the process of installation of the kitchen and make sure the process fully complies with the original concept. We’ll make sure everything is on the right track until the kitchen is finalized.