Renovation is not an easy task to take on if you don’t have prior experience. Once you get everything done, there’s no coming back from that. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure details are tailored in the way you want. However, exceptional outcome can only be achieved through hours of careful consideration on selecting of materials, fixtures and colors.


What We Do

If you’re looking for renovation contractor, our company is the right destination. Our team consists of highly-skilled and experienced designers who are capable of turning your ideas into premium design concept.  We will make sure design phases will be developed under seamless solution and professional selection on materials. Most importantly, it does not matter how big or small your project is we’ll always try to offer the best price possible to you.



In this stage, we will conduct an interview with you either via a phone call or face-to-face meeting to have a rough idea about the result that you look forward to in term of design. If you have no idea which style you should go for, we’ll guide you through this process

Concept Rendering

At this stage, we’ll go over your architectural plans and take into consideration furniture and decoration placement in your house. Furthermore, we’re capable to provide 3d rendering for the design as it will make it easier for you to have a better look on the concept.

Designing Phase

Subsequently, our experts will address countless nitty gritty details and finishes which go into your customized home. Then we will tackle myriad issues that come with the design.


At this stage, we can help you with all of the details and furnishings. We'll ensure installations rightfully placed in your house according to the design in the sketch. Moreover, we'll routinely visit the site to make sure everything go as plan and we'll tackle the issue which might come up during the process.